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A distinctly Scottish twist on Pop Punk, Post Rock, and straight up pop music. With previous releases on the Mixed Tape Records, and Black Tie Records under their belt, the band followed their string of singles with 2016's 'Spinning Circles E.P' described as 'anthems with lyrics you'll want to google, and bass lines that get stuck in your head'.

The band have toured, and support this records release since its February release date. With a summer 2017 tour booked, and a further winter run being planned, the band continue to work towards becoming one of Scotland's best new exports.

Fraser Jamieson

Head Screamer

Fraser cam sometimes be thin but will more than likely be fat

Keir Jamieson

Stick Bashing Supervisor

Keir plays the drums, he plays the drums loud.

Calum Haig

4-String Guitar Player

Haigy has recently embraced baldness.

Steven Turner

Turns up

Stevie has a degree in this music stuff. Shame he never uses it.


Spinning Circles (EP)

`Eyes Wide Open`

Spinning Circles (EP)


Spinning Circles (EP)


Spinning Circles (EP)

`Halfway Home Part 1`

Spinning Circles (EP)

`Halfway Home 2`

Spinning Circles (EP)

`Spinning Circles`



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